7 Ways To Create A Positive And Happy Home

Life throws many challenges our way, especially right now. How we react to our circumstances plays a huge role in our own happiness.

Since I have no control over tomorrow, I thought I’d share some seven tips on how to create a happy home today.

Small changes in your home décor can boost happiness with minimal effort and investment. Who doesn’t want a bit of that?

STEP 1: Clear The Clutter And Reduce Stress

If you do just one thing to create a happier home, do this!

Now if I’m being honest, if you’d have asked me a year ago what I thought about minimalism, I’d have probably given you an answer along the lines of “It’s for people that are a little extreme, who’s got time for that?”

A year ago with pandemic in full swing, I was seriously stressed. 7 years spent renovating my home, working full time job, looking after my son, the house, the washing, the cleaning, the cooking… My home was a mess, my life was full of stress and I was heading for burnout. After an ambulance ride to A&E and two surgeries after, I knew I had to do something about it.

I stumbled across a blog post that has literally changed my life – decluttering!

I’m now a total convert and a big fan of simplified minimalism. I’m not talking minimal design style, I’m talking minimal in life. It’s a movement and a way of living that creates harmony and happiness.

Do not underestimate how much clutter effects your overall wellbeing and life. Every item in your home takes up your time…. Every. Single. Item. Just think about it for just a second!

How many cups are in your cup cupboard? 10? 15? 20?  Each one of those cups is adding to your stress levels. It’s a simple analogy, but stay with me….

You have to give headspace to each cup. To wash, to dry, to put away, to move from the dishwasher, to move from the office desk or the breakfast bar, to filter through to get to your favourite cup… Might be only a few seconds, might be a few minutes, but by being in your home, each item is taking up your time.

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