HYGGE – The Pursuit of Cosiness

In the last couple years, we’re sure you’ve come across a certain word – HYGGE. But what in the world does HYGGE mean exactly?

First, let’s start with how you say it. Hard to explain and even harder to pronounce, the Danish word HYGGE (pronounced “hoo-ga”) has exploded in popularity around the world. HYGGE has no direct translation in English, though “cosy” comes close. It derives from a sixteenth-century Norwegian term which means “to comfort” and it is related to the English word “hug.” You know HYGGE when you feel it, with it’s key ingredients being cosiness, relaxation, indulgence, presence and comfort. The true essence of HYGGE is the pursuit of everyday happiness and it’s basically like a hug, just without the physical touch.

Fall season is the most HYGGE time of the year. It is candles, freshly brewed coffee, warm socks, woven textiles, pastries, sheepskin rugs and a warm fireplace. If you’ve ever enjoyed reading a book indoors on a rainy Sunday with a cup of hot chocolate, you’ve experienced HYGGE without even knowing it. So what else is considered HYGGE?


If you ask a Danish person, they’ll likely tell you that candles are the most important part of creating a HYGGE atmosphere at home. Danes burn a whopping 13 pounds of candle wax a year —more than any other country in the world! So turn off that unflattering overhead lamp and light some Glow Bottle artisan soy wax candles instead!

Throw Blankets

Whether a chunky knit, weighted blanket or a heated throw, having something soft to wrap around yourself is a must. Also recommended are oversized sweaters and warm socks (really, anything knitted), which also make things way more HYGGE.

Homemade Sweets and Hot Drinks

What you eat is also essential to creating those cosy vibes. While restaurants can certainly have a HYGGE atmosphere (think candles on the table and a fireplace at the back), spending lots of money on an expensive meal isn’t the point. It’s more about comfort and familiarity.

In Denmark that might mean pastries, meatballs and coffee. But in Ireland you might want to pour yourself a warm cup of tea, dig up your grandma’s Irish stew recipe, or spend a weekend afternoon baking your favourite apple pie.

Once evenings get darker, instead of complaining about it, light your Glow Bottle candles and wind down with a cup of tea and that book you’ve been meaning to read for months. Or if you’re feeling more social, make a chocolate biscuit cake and invite your friends over.

Glow Bottle HYGGE Candle

According to the HYGGE book, no recipe for HYGGE is complete without a flickering candle. If you ask Danes what they most associate with HYGGE, 85 percent will say candles.

At Glow Bottle we were fortunate enough work with a distinguished French perfumery in developing a custom fragrance that perfectly captures the essence of HYGGE. We have used this to create a very special scented candle for the fall season, and yes, it’s called HYGGE! Glow Bottle HYGGE candles are evocative and comforting and we guarantee that they’re all you’ll ever want in a scented candle. All you need now is to order one and enjoy cosiness in the briefest everyday moments.

And finally, remember that HYGGE is not just about making sure you have all above elements in your space – after all, the main component of HYGGE is that you’re feeling present and spending quality time with yourself or your loved ones.

Glow Bottle Candle HYGGE
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