Making Glow Bottle Candle

I’m going to share with you how process of making Glow Bottle candles looks. Glow Bottle use only 100% natural soy wax for a clean, long lasting and fragrant burn, you can’t beat soy wax! This wax comes in flake form, which makes it easy to handle.

At Glow Bottle we begin candle making by filling our saucepan with water and placing it on stove with medium-high heat to create the double boiler. The double boiler ensures we don’t scorch or burn the soy wax. While the water heats up, we weigh our soy wax. To help us measure our wax and fragrance accurately, we use a digital scale and measuring spoons.

We allow our wax to reach 70°C. It must be hot enough for oils to fully bind and mix with the wax, but not so hot that any fragrance might be lost to the heat. At Glow Bottle we use essential and fragrance oils that have been developed specifically for use in candles to make sure you get the best scent performance from our Glow Bottle candles. We’re going to let our wax cool down to 55°C before we pour.

While we wait, let’s get our Glow bottle containers ready. The one thing that makes or breaks candle is the wick. As a general rule, when making soy wax candles, we stick with a natural cotton wick. A correctly sized wick is very important for creating a candle with a strong fragrance throw and a clean, even burn. To safely secure the wicks to our containers we’re using wick stickers, in particular, our wick stickers pro. We love these because they are very simple to use and are super sticky.

Now that our wax has cooled to 55°C, it’s time to pour. Working slowly, we pour from our pitcher into the candle containers we just prepared, filling them up about a quarter inch from the top. A pouring pitcher is a candle making essential!

Next, we take our wick centering bars and center the wick in each container by pushing the wick into the center groove. Wick centering bars help keep the wick centered and straight as the wax cools.

We space our candles about 4 inches apart in an area that’s out of the way and free from drafts to allow them to cool undisturbed overnight. When your candles are cooled, we trim the wick down. Last but certainly not least, we add a natural soy wax warning labels to the bottom of all Glow Bottle containers that includes safety tips and burning instructions.

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melting of the soy wax
Published On: May 20, 20212.2 min readCategories: Candles

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