Maximizing Scent Throw

Let’s talk fragrance throw!

It starts with the percentage of essential and fragrance oils we add to our Glow Bottle candles, and finishes with the curing time. Add in our blend of signature scents, and Glow Bottle candle-making skills, and we have a winning combination.

Let’s face it, the majority of us burn candles not only for the great mood they create, but also for the awesome aromas they fill an area with. The scent throw of a candle correlates to how strong a candle’s aromas are and also the size of the area where that scent can be detected while it’s burning. The stronger the scent throw ,the further away from the candle you can expect to smell it.

To get the best scent throw throughout your home, we recommend closing your windows and doors, limiting drafts and not burning for longer than 4 hours at a time.

Happy candle burning!

Glow Bottle Soy Candle
Published On: May 20, 20210.8 min readCategories: Candles

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