Necessity of Wick Trimming

Let’s talk about another important best burning practice: keeping your Glow Bottle candle wick appropriately trimmed. Who knew candles required so much knowledge and maintenance?

The primary reason to keep wicks properly trimmed is  because a longer wick causes a candle to burn at a faster rate than under ideal wick length conditions since the flame is bigger and burning through wax at a faster rate.

If you’ve got an easily accessible wick then just go ahead and use a pair of scissors. Fancy wick trimmers aren’t necessary (but as a candle lover myself I always use my specialized wick trimmer). For the candles that have a lot of the wax burned down and the wick is deep at the bottom of the container a specialized wick trimmer definitely comes in handy. They have a long reach and are designed with a flat cutting area that will capture the cut wick for easy trimming.

So, what about the wicks of candles that have already been burned? The general consensus is to keep your exposed wicks trimmed to a quarter of an inch.

You likely will not need to trim the wick first time you burn a candle even if the wick is a longer than 1/4 of an inch.

That’s all there is too it. This best practice is truly important to keep your candles burning efficiently!

Happy wick trimming.

Necessity of Wick Trimming
Published On: May 20, 20211.2 min readCategories: Candles

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