matches in a bottle

  • Enhance the life of your candle with the Glow Bottle candle care kit!The art of ritual, these candle care accessories were created for your ease. Glow Bottle candle care kit will have your candles looking and performing at their optimum from start to finish.Glow Bottle Candle Care Kit contains: • Matte Black Wick Trimmer • Matte Black Candle Tray • Matte Black Candle Snuffer • Long MatchesA beautiful gift idea alone or when paired with a delightfully scented candle from Glow Bottle collection.   

  • Spark style with Glow Bottle signature long matches in amber glass bottle. Rustic yet modern, simple yet sleek, these Glow Bottle long matches bring understated style to your candles.Great decorative pair with your favorite Glow Bottle candle. Luxury long tip matches, perfect for lighting awkward to reach candle wicks and great for wood burners! Or even to light many, many birthday candles. Place this eye-catching bottle on a bookshelf, coffee table, next to your favorite candle or lantern. The striker paper is located at the bottom of the bottle.

    • Approx. 60 strike on bottle matches
    • Handmade using recycled glass and labels
    • Artisan long matches
    Glow Bottle long matches are the perfect accessory or gift for the candle lover!