Glow Bottle Candle Snuffer

Glow Bottle are excited to announce the introduction of new candle snuffers!

Our steel candle snuffers are matte black and made of recycled materials. These candle snuffers are specifically designed to keep the wax from going here, there, and everywhere when blowing out a candle.

Every candle lover should invest in a candle snuffer! Apart from being an essential accessory they also make the perfect gift to compliment your favourite Glow Bottle candles. Each snuffer is complete with Glow Bottle Candles branding which has been engraved onto the snuffers.

Finally, don’t forget to check our Glow Bottle blog for more candle care tips!


FREE DELIVERY within ROI on orders of €50 or more. Please allow up to 3-5 days for delivery.

FREE DELIVERY on orders of €50+ (ROI)


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