Reducing Stress One Candle at a Time

Glow Bottle candles go beyond great scents and creating an ambiance for a bedtime routine, stay at home date or rainy day. Did you know they can also help you destress and relax?

Lighting a candle in your space uplifts the mood and makes your space smell great.

But, can scented candles go beyond that? Are candles capable of having any wellbeing effects ?

Candles are actually scientifically proven to relax people, reduce stress and even improve mental health. Candles are part of many self-care and meditation routines for their healing properties.

The Science Behind Candle Relaxation

Unlike harsh lights that are intended to mimic daylight and increase our energy levels, ambient lighting conditions help transport us to a calmer, more peaceful state at all hours of the day.

Similar to sitting around a night time campfire, simply looking at a lit candle can be the start of a relaxing experience.

Mesmerized by it’s warm and soft glow, the open flame of a candle helps soothe those in it’s company. This ambient light has a meditative effect and proven to increase self-awareness.

When we look at the dim light of a candle, our brains begin to process how we feel physically, mentally and emotionally. This is what makes adding candles into a bathing or self-care routine so effective.

Candles can even help regulate mood with the production of happy hormones such as serotonin and dopamine.

Stress Relieving Properties of Aromas

Different scents can elicit different effects and help reduce anxiety. These stress-relieving properties stem from aromatherapy, which utilizes essential oils as a therapeutic and natural way to improve your wellbeing.

Instead of artificial fragrances and parabens that do more harm than good, Glow Bottle candles include a combination of premium fragrances and essential oils to help you ease your mind and body.

Try the following Glow Bottle candles depending on what aromatherapy property interests you:

  • HYGGE – This scent is proven to improve relaxation. A HYGGE candle can help overcome the stress and mental fatigue the last two years have thrown at us. Our HYGGE candle includes notes of amber, sandalwood, vanilla and exotic florals.
  • Lavish Lavender – The relaxing properties of lavender help ease the mind and body, so it’s great to add to your bedtime routine. It also aids in combating depression, anxiety and headaches. Free of parabens, Glow Bottle Lavish Lavender candle is 100% natural and packed with pure essential oils.
  • Sweet Citrus Joy & Sweet Lime – Citrus notes are know to boost energy and reduce stress. Let these Glow Bottle candles fill your home with energizing and aromatic atmosphere.
  • Enchanted Forest – This Glow Bottle candle takes you for a walk in the woods cradled in the verdant freshness of trees. Our Enchanted Forest candle recalls the aroma of sun-heated oak blended with additional notes of cedarwood and patchouli.
  • Rock Salt & Driftwood – This revitalizing candle has notes of driftwood, delicate heart notes of algae and touch of water lily. Complimented by base notes of amber, patchouli and musk, this candle will bring the magic of the Irish seascape to your space.
  • Raspberry Granita & Frangipani – Loose yourself in a deliciously delicate aroma of fresh raspberries. This tantalizing fruity candle combines frangipani with juicy raspberries. It’s time for you to slow down, unwind and restore the harmony in your life.

Other scents that can help promote physical, mental and emotional wellbeing:

  • Apricot scent can help give you a sense of ease during stressful times and even alleviate headaches.
  • Cinnamon has both stress relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. It also helps your mind reduce anxiety and depression.
  • Sandalwood aids in meditation, so it’s a great scent for calming nerves or pressure.

Discovering Your Home Scent

Did you ever small a candle that took you back to a certain moment in time or that recalled a childhood memory?

There is a strong connection between scents and memories which affect our emotional wellbeing. We can be drawn to one scent over another due to the memories associated with them.
Specific scents can remind us of cheerful, calming and exciting memories. Scents can even make us feel nostalgic…
A candle may recall eating a favourite dessert or sitting on the beach by the ocean.
When scents activate the same hormones repeatedly in a positive way, we usually cater to lighting these candles. Moreover, we establish these as part of our home scent!

Want to discover your home scent and explore other Glow Bottle candles to destress?

Check out Glow Bottle scented candles!

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