The Best Scented Candles Every Man Should Be Burning

Times have changed and the idea that candles are just for women is no longer true. Many men are now discovering and enjoying the warm glow and enriching scent burning candles can provide to their home and work spaces.

For men, burning a candle at home is often an extension of their personal taste in wearable fragrances. There are many different fragrances available that are well suited to guys, from those that feature scent notes traditionally found within aftershaves to smells that are unisex. Tobacco, leather, sandalwood and oak are ingredients that feature within Glow Bottle bestselling scented candles for men.

In this gift guide Glow Bottle will share with you the best scented candles for the men in your life, each featuring rich, warm and manly fragrances that’ll make them the perfect gift for him.

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Glow Bottle Top Masculine Notes

Tobacco – has a pleasant and woody aroma. Consider the fragrance of a new pipe mix or the tobacco impregnated sheets that line the interior of cigar boxes. Warm, cosy, nostalgic and delightfully intoxicating – it makes the perfect fragrance to add to any man’s home.

Leather – the rich, earthy, and somewhat sweet scent is wonderfully evocative and comforting, and it pairs well with warm and elegant floral notes.

Wood – Glow Bottle selection of wood fragrances will offer timeless sophistication to any space, taking inspiration from the depths of the forest to the polished elegance of oak panelled rooms.

Sandalwood – fragrance notes are recognised to be enlivening and invigorating. Bergamot, lemon, orange, tangerine, and grapefruit are all light and refreshing and help improve the atmosphere and vitality of a space.

Oakmoss – is an earthy, woody, featuring seductive scent notes with hints of musk and amber. Oakmoss is a popular component among fragrances because it helps to ground more volatile aromas.

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The Best Glow Bottle Men’s Scented Candles

Smokey Cowboy – this is a modern, urban masterpiece! Unique and powerful, sweet and smokey leather with sweet raspberry mixed florals at the top blended perfectly with woods, leather and amber.

Fecking Fabulous – this is a real cult favourite! It embodies warmth and comfort. Sink into the deep smoky richness to relax and slow down. A familiar blanket of comforting, earthy sweetness for those seeking soothing home comforts.

SANTAL – the essence of exotic allure and mystery, it’s passionate and powerful with notes of personality. The haute couture of the candle industry, SANTAL is iconic for its unconventional yet luxurious woody scent. The unique blend of exotic, creamy and warm sandalwood, slightly sweet and woody cardamom, dry and leathery papyrus, fruity iris, and musky amber is almost, if not entirely, impossible to imitate. The end result is a stunning, bold, aristocratic and utterly unforgettable!

Driftwood & Rock Salt – a luxurious, delicate and dreamy aroma thanks to the balanced combination of driftwood, amber, musk and patchouli. This candle is refined and sexy, without being overpowering.

Enchanted Forest – beautifully layered masculine, deep and earthy scent. It takes you on forgotten trail through lush green ferns given sparkle through citrus hints. As the journey continues, light and nutty notes, translucent florals and cypress lead you to the deeper woods of oak, cedarwood and patchouli. This is a candle full of woody depth and calming strength, a candle that brings an urban soul back to the nature.

Sandalwood & Pepper – take a long deep breath and enjoy the fragrance of rich glamourous and full woody fragrance. Top notes of pepper, bergamot, lemon and eucalyptus leading to a heart of warm spice and lavender supported by a base of amber, sandal, cedarwood, patchouli and wood musk.

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Do Men Like Scented Candles?

So, why do men like scented candles? I mean really the question should by why on earth wouldn’t they! Firstly having a fire in the home is a very primal thing. For millennia, from the time of cavemen to the invention of the lightbulb, humans relied on the light, heat and cooking power of fire. Fire represents home and safety, and just because we no longer live outside doesn’t mean that sense of wonder and protection has left us. When men light a scented candle at home it creates a similar ambience of relaxed camaraderie our ancestors felt in the presence of the homely hearth.

The best manly candle scents are often similar to the fragrance of men’s cologne. Warm and woody scents are a great place for men to begin discovering the best-scented Glow Bottle candles for their man cave. Glow Bottle created a selection of amazing candles that defy gender stereotypes and their entire collection is worth exploring for great men’s candles.

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Here at Glow Bottle, over a third of our customers are men. Some come to us to buy gifts, but the overwhelming majority are buying candles for themselves. We love helping guys discover the perfect candle scents for them, so if you have any questions regarding the best men’s candles drop us a line at

We are dedicated to continually create the best scented candles for men. Glow Bottle will be adding even more masculine scented candles to our candle collection, so make sure you check out our full range of men’s candles.

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