Why Glow Bottle Candles Are Different

It’s like that feeling you get after biting into a chocolate chip cookie… As the luscious chocolate melts in your mouth, you think to yourself: “Not only is this delicious, but this is worth it!”

Glow Bottle candles are the same. True, they are more expensive than your typical store-bought candle. But what you get is a higher quality experience that comes with a special, handmade touch.

Glow Bottle Candle SANTAL

Here’s why Glow Bottle candles are worth the price tag:

  1. Memorable Scents
  2. Highest Quality Ingredients
  3. The Personal Touch


A compliment on a signature scent leaves you feeling special. Being told your home smells nice is a whole new level of appreciation.

Glow Bottle candles combine a variety of different scents to create interesting and unforgettable aromas that stand out from the typical mass-produced candles. For instance, in Glow Bottle candle descriptions, you’ll find that every fragrance is a harmony of no less than six notes, each one carefully picked out to help tell a story.

You or your guests might not be able to pick out all different scents when you smell it, but the way they blend and balance with each other will certainly leave a lasting impression.

Whereas ordinary candles have scents that are rather flat and unremarkable, Glow Bottle candles are more complex in their composition. There is a nuanced feel to each blend, whether it’s a bottom note of oud or a top note of golden saffron. They bring together a variety of smells, making each of candles at Glow Bottle unique and specialized.

Glow Bottle Candle


Glow Bottle uses natural, highest quality ingredients and materials ranging from the fragrance oils to the wax, as well as the wick and the container.

For example, at Glow Bottle, we make our candles with highest quality fragrance and essential oils designed specifically for candles and soy wax to help them last longer and fill your home with wonderful aromas. On the other hand, manufacturers of mass-produced candles are more likely to save on costs by using cheaper, synthetic fragrance oils or paraffin wax.

Not only do those mass-produced candles not smell as great, some (or rather the chemicals they release) can even have a negative effect on your health. As these burn, they release phthalates into the air, which aggravate allergies and asthma. Other chemicals might even cause you headaches.

Glow Bottle Candle Feck This... I'm Going For A Swim


There is an intentional and diligent process behind the making of Glow Bottle candles. Inexpensive regular candles are mass produced, whereas Glow Bottle candles are handcrafted on a smaller, more personal level. There is a certain specialness to Glow Bottle candles, as they are mixed, poured and packaged by the same person. And don’t forget that each Glow Bottle candle is accompanied by a complementary box of matches and Lindor chocolate!

From the branding to the packaging, there is always a characteristic touch on Glow Bottle candles. The unique packing and detailing on the candle can act as the perfect trinket for a living room shelf or kitchen counter. Some Glow Bottle candle labels alone can spark a conversation.

Glow Bottle Matches


So why are Glow Bottle candles are different?

They cost more than regular candles because they’re made from highest quality ingredients and offer a unique and interesting selection of fragrances. They are not mass-produced, and instead are made in small batches by hand.

But they’re worth it because you get more than just a quality candle or a memorable fragrance. You’re also buying into a story, a vision, a purpose and a sense of community based on similar experiences, inspirations and aspirations.

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