Hello there, I’m Kristina, the creative force behind Glow Bottle. From crafting and pouring to boxing and shipping, I handle every aspect of your Glow Bottle experience.

Do you ever feel like candles have the magical ability to elevate any moment? I certainly do.

My journey with Glow Bottle began from a love for all things cute, quirky, and creatively inspiring, combined with an unwavering passion for candles. It was only natural for me to blend these passions and embark on my own candle-making venture. My vision for Glow Bottle was clear from the start – to create candles that not only look beautiful but also meet high standards of quality, value, and eco-friendliness. This meant weeks of meticulous testing, experimenting with various essential and fine fragrance oils, wax blends, and wicks – even accidentally starting a few small fires in my kitchen along the way!

When the pandemic struck Ireland, I saw it as a now-or-never opportunity to dive into candle making full-time. Each Glow Bottle candle is a result of relentless testing and attention to detail, from Wick to Wax. I’ve carefully selected natural soy wax paired with 100% cotton wicks to ensure a clean and smooth burn. Your well-being is paramount, which is why Glow Bottle candles are free from parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and are always cruelty-free. Our recycled glass jars are designed for reuse, adding to their eco-friendly appeal. I’m passionate about transforming your home into an immersive oasis that never fails to inspire.

Whether you’re drawn to our Core Collection, featuring timeless scents, or our ever-evolving Signature Collection, there’s a Glow Bottle candle to suit every taste and occasion. What began as a passion project has blossomed into my own little dream.

I’m deeply grateful to each and every person who chooses to support Glow Bottle. Together, let’s ignite positivity and keep the good vibes flowing with just a strike of a match!

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Handmade Artisan Soy Candles

All Glow Bottle candles are created using only 100% natural soy wax, are paraben free, vegan, hand poured and cause no unnecessary harm to the environment and inspire solutions to the environmental crisis.

Glow Bottle Soy Candle

Attaching the wick

Candle making starts by attaching a candle wick to the bottom of the candle vessel.

Glow Bottle Soy Candle

Mixing of scents

The magic of mixing scents happens in the kitchen with good ol’measuring spoons!

Glow Bottle Soy Candle

Melting the soy wax

Melted the old fashioned way the soy wax is placed into a pot filled with boiling water.

Glow Bottle Candle Accessories

Final touch

Made in small batches, each candle is then quality checked and packed by hand.

FREE DELIVERY within ROI on orders of €50 or more. Please allow up to 3-5 days for delivery.

FREE DELIVERY on orders of €50+ (ROI)

Some of our happy customers

I purchased as a gift and the gorgeous candle arrived with my note beautifully handwritten! Branded matches and chocolate were a perfection addition. My friend loved it!


I purchased HYGGE candle from Glow Bottle and my house smells amazing! Lighting this every evening has become a part of my unwinding routine.


I began working from home recently and Espresso & Coconut candle makes my home office smell like a dream. Like your favorite coffee shop/bakery, but more sophisticated. I love it so much, I actually look forward to starting work in the morning!


I can’t even begin to describe how happy I am with my candles! From the packing to the smell, the candles are perfection. I cannot wait to try out all the other scents!


I got one of your candles down in AnniePooh in Greystones and she mentioned that you’re a local business.

I have been burning your candle in my office today and it’s just simply gorgeous (Indigo Night). I buy lots of candles, but what I love about yours is that I can smell it while it’s burning… with a lot of others it’s only when you leave and then come back into the room. Not yours!!!

Anyhooo… just wanted to let you know I love your candles!


The scent of Glow Bottle candles disperse is so sweet and homely it makes a house a home. Our friends and neighbours love them.


Artisan Soy Candles | Handmade in Co. Wicklow | Vegan & Cruelty Free Essential & Fine Fragrance Oils

Design & Crafts Council Ireland

Joining Design and Craft Council Ireland has helped me clearly define steps for Glow Bottle business growth, providing practical and relevant information. It has greatly improved my time organisation and resource management, enabling me to maximise Glow Bottle productivity. I am grateful for the knowledge and skills gained, which have not only empowered me as an entrepreneur, but also positioned Glow Bottle business for long-term success.

Making candles by hand takes time, effort and much love, shop Local and support Glow Bottle business.

Design & Crafts Council Ireland