The Importance of Wax Pool

Let’s talk about candle wax pools and the importance of them in getting the most out of your Glow Bottle candle. To start with we should explain exactly what a wax pool is. It’s the melted wax that results from burning your candle. The longer you burn your Glow Bottle candle the larger the wax pool in your candle will get.

If a candle reaches all the way to the outer edges of the jar and is about 1/4 of an inch deep, that’s exactly what you want to get the most life out of them. To achieve this, you typically have to burn the candles for about one hour for every inch in diameter of the candle. And don’t forget that the larger the wax pool the stronger the scent throw will be.

When you decide to light a Glow Bottle candle for the first time you are going to want to ensure the wax pool reaches all the way or as close as possible to the edges of the candle container! So, during the first burn of your Glow Bottle candle, it is extremely important to let a wax pool form that reaches as close to the edges as possible, if not all the way. If you don’t then your candle will have a tendency to form what is known as a ‘memory’ ring. This ring represents the furthest extent of the first burn wax pool  and your candle will tunnel within this on subsequent burns. Tunneling results from a small memory ring and is your worst enemy when burning a candle. Why is this? Well, the next time you burn your Glow Bottle candle, no matter how long you burn it for, the wax pool will more than likely only burn to the edges of where the first memory ring was established.

You’ll end up not burning through most of the wax in your Glow Bottle candle and subsequent burns will cause it to tunnel. Candles need the wax to burn and by not allowing the candle to access all of the wax it will cause your candle to essentially waste all that wax that doesn’t burn so basically, it’s lifespan will be significantly reduced.

I hope this blog was helpful and happy burning!

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Published On: May 20, 20211.9 min readCategories: Candles

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